( Number 4 is the hardest!!! )

  1. Quantitative Lists

    By stating that there are 5 or how many number of points within the headline sends signals that the content withing the landing page is straight forward and implies that it is likely to contain facts instead of opinion. For example : “5 types of click bait to avoid”

  1. Hot topic

    State a topic or a public figure that many people hate or love, proxy your message and piggy back on that to convey what your audience would likely like to learn more about. For example : “5 types of click bait to avoid”

  1. Verb as purpose

    Clearly we are all busy and only want to read article that is useful to us. Therefore we will be more likely to click on articles that states a verb thus giving a sense that the article contains actionable idea or suggestion. For example : “5 types of click bait to avoid

  1. Challenging Curiosity

    By stating a number within the list to be the most ___ , our audience may be tempted to know our opinion and often than not maybe even having the tingle to prove us wrong. For example : “5 types of click bait to avoid – no.4 is the hardest!!!

  1. Fear of Missing out

    Giving sense of urgency and pointing out what may happen if our audience choose to skip and not continue to our landing page. For example : “read now and stop wasting time on click baits forever

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