Call Tracking

Call-Tracking defined as a form of solution that records and analyzes info about incoming phone calls originating from your customized digital ads. Companies can differentiate between successful marketing campaigns generated phone calls and those that failed, based on the statistics gathered. Call Tracking provides the possibility of measuring the behaviors of callers and understands which marketing source will trigger the phone calls in. We will provide all the features you need, from real-time call tracking to the detailed reporting about your campaigns.

user dashboard

Make the best option out of your ads? budget. Here are some features of Call Tracking:

  • Intuitive user dashboard: Get into the dashboard to quickly have access of the features, including; call-recording, call-trend, detailed and measurable report, all in one grab.
  • Missed call notifications: Every incoming call is an opportunity. If you missed any incoming calls, it?s important for you to get the notification.
  • Call Recording: We have feature that makes you possible to record all the incoming calls.
  • Keyword level call tracking: The level of call-tracking keywords is the key to fix your PPC analysis level.


Make sure to measure your marketing ROI with real-time call tracking, call recording and the analytics. We use advance Internet based technologies to optimize marketing costs and used time for decision makers and marketers. Call Tracking can be used anytime and anywhere at a real-time basis. The application is mobile based whether on the steps in processing the call tracking and even to the reports.

how it works

These are the general steps of using call tracking features:

  • You will get a unique number from us to be installed in the ads
  • Calls from customers who sign will be immediately transferred to your phone number
  • You’ll get a report in the form of Call Recording and Missed Call Notifications

Update. 02/06/2016

Next Digital Indonesia officially launched Call Tracking solution in Indonesia. You can now access it on

Clients can now access the call tracking reporting dashboard through the new website.

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