5 Tips for Staying Happy at Work

It’s only been a few months since you signed that contract – and you already feel like jumping onto the next boat. These few tips on the Good ‘DOs’ might help to make your job not just more bearable, but also an enjoyable one!

  1. DO separate personal issues with your workspace.

Bringing personal emotions from your issues could adversely affect your concentration and eventually performance at work. The good news is, other people like your colleagues are not without their own personal problems too. So take heart, focus during your work hours to bring optimum results and to avoid adding more stress in your life.

  1. DO make your workspace comfortable.

High chance is, you’d be spending around 8-10 hours working in your office; longer than your daily sleeping hours, right? (Ironic, I know). So, make sure you have the most comfortable private space for yourself! Remember to keep it neat though, as your boss isn’t your mom (sadly, that too).

  1. DO be organised.

Create a to-do-list to help you in keeping track of your tasks that may at times get too overwhelming. Surely you don’t want to add on to the stress you already have, do you? If you aren’t that stressed in your life right now, one lucky person you are (be thankful)!

  1. DO change the way you respond.

You can’t expect your colleagues to change for you, but you can most definitely change the way you respond to them. Remember to not take every action or word too personally – but we can be professional in handling the situation.

  1. DO reward Yourself!

As we work, it’s inevitable we grow tired or weary from the routines. Surely you have heard of this quote before, “Work hard, play harder!” Find out what are your favourite relaxation times; it could be simple activities like dining out with your favourite people, catch a night movie or a manicure session. Even a Superman needs to take a break, and so are you! Happy working and playing 🙂